Abstract Submission

The abstract should be only one page!
It should not include any images !


1. All speakers/presenters are required to submit an abstract of their presentation.
2. The abstract must be in English.
3. It should be intended for the general statistical audience rather than to specialists in the particular topic. Typically, the abstract will include a statement about the problem being addressed, why it is important, some summary information about the models and methods developed and/or used to address the problem and a description of the results and contributions that will be covered in the presentation.
4. The abstract must be sent as MS Word and pdf file to irsysc@gmail.com until the 17 April 2017  27 April 2017. The pdf file must have no security protection.
5. Templates for preparing the abstract in MS-WORD are available at the conference website.
An MS-WORD abstract template can be found here.
6. Use single-spacing, font type ‘Times New Roman’ and font size 11.
7. The title should be centered and in bold letters. It should be informative but not too long (preferably no more than two lines).
8. The title should be followed by the name(s) of the author(s) (with an asterisk next to the name of the presenting author,who should also be the corresponding author), organizational affiliation, name of city and country of residence, and e-mail address for each author.
9. This is followed by the actual abstract, which should be a single paragraph of text and be no more than 400 words long. If you use special characters (such as alpha, beta, etc.), make sure that they are reproduced properly in the pdf file.
10. A list of keywords (maximum of four) must be included after the text of the abstract. Words from the title should not be repeated in the list of keywords.
11. Abbreviations should be spelled out in full the first time they occur. (Example: The properties of maximum likelihood estimators (MLEs) are developed. The small-sample performance of the MLEs is studied through simulation.)
12. Double check for scientific accuracy as well as for clarity, proper grammar and punctuation before submitting the abstract.
13. Abstracts that do not follow the guidelines may be rejected.
14. All queries should be sent to irsysc@gmail.com.

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